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              上海葉順五金有限公司 上海葉順五金有限公司
              Yue Qing Hardware Limited
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              COMPANY PROFILE

              YUE QING HARDWARE LIMITED, founded in 1982 in Hong Kong , is a professional fasteners manufacturer and exporter , combining the tradition of providing high quality products and best service.

              Our company invested first screws factory in Shanghai in 1997 and second factory in Thailand in 2014.

              Our company takes pride in being a leading screws manufacturer and supplier in fasteners industry , we produce chipboard screws , drywall screws , tapping screws , drilling screws, concrete screws , collated screws , hammer fixing etc. Most of our products are exported to European market - Germany , France , UK, Italy, Netherland, Switzerland , Czech , Poland , Spain , Ireland etc, we cooperated with our customers for more than 20 years. In order to meet customer’s demands, we are concerned with the needs of every customer and pay special attention to each manufacturing process, we persist in our belief: quality above all. We have CE certificate for chipboard screws and drywall screws and ISO-9001 certificate. Furthermore , all of our products are able to be in small boxes packing with customers design barcode labels , plastic bag packing and assortment box packing for DIY market.

              We attend Fastener Fair exhibitions in European countries, especially Fastener Fair Stuttgart held in Germany. Also we attend exhibitions held in America, like International Fastener EXPO in Las Vegas.


              Yue Qing Hardware Limited

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